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By Irvine

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I've just had a 6 foot fence put up. Now I want to grow some attractive fast growning tall plants (not climbers) which will grow taller than the fence.
Any ideas?
Thanks Judith



Oh blimey, there's thousands to choose from, although they're not all fast growing. Anything really fast growing usually gets very large (larger than you'd want) very quickly. Unfortunately you haven't said anything about the conditions along the fence in terms of sunny, shady, facing north or east and getting cold winds, that kind of thing, and also no information about what part of the country you're in, so its difficult to narrow the field and make recommendations without that info.

2 Mar, 2011


i would slow down a little and do a bit of research on what you want for your garden . honsetly . planning is everything even if its in your head .

4 Mar, 2011

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