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I am moving into a new house on a bit of a hill and the garden is carved out of the chalky hill on the South Downs. I am very exposed and want a fast growing evergreen hedge to front the road and screen the house and garden.



just a thaught . theres know reasen not to use some trees but as a hedge . ive been succesbely excuse my spelling training and trimming my cherry tree . as long as you keep them cut back the root systems wont be to bad either especialy if your trees are a long way of your house . you could grow a realy dynamic hedge of all sorts of trees but id look into whats more useable .

27 Feb, 2011


what may help is to see what is growing around your area be it wild or cultivated its often easier to establish plants which are at home there

27 Feb, 2011


thats always a great idea wear ever you move in as pamg sais .

27 Feb, 2011


How tall do you want it to grow? There are several varieties of Cotoneaster, mostly evergreen, or Photinia Red Robin is quite fast growing and taller.

27 Feb, 2011


Thank you all for your comments! I am new to the site and really value your experienced input.
I would like a 7 foot hedge, that remains evergreen, and will give privacy quickly. I do not want to grow leylandi. Will look up the Photinia Red Robin.

27 Feb, 2011


I'm near the South Downs on the coast & planted a hedge of Griselinia littoralis in a previous garden ... has glossy apple-green leaves. Another suggestion is Thuja ... the alternative to Leylandii!

27 Feb, 2011


Berberis darwinii - evergreen, flowers in May, gets about 8 feet max, but its prickly - small leaves have prickly edges, but no thorns. Escallonia 'Crimson Spire', evergreen, gets about 6/7 feet.

28 Feb, 2011


Thank you for all your comments. I posted a new question today and forgot to say, It is a very small garden, so hedge will not be very far away.

Just did not want to stare at a close boarded fence? Also need panning as there are restrictions in the village.

17 Mar, 2011

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