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My 3 palm trees are all dying, leaves are slowly falling & new clusters that have grown are falling off. They have been planted in same place for 20 years & never had a problem. Not sure what they are called but the picture of them is taken by Terry 60 on your photo blogs.



there cordilines and everyone is losing them including me . its due to the 2 very cold and wet winters we have had . you could get new growth from the base but one more realy cold one will finish them of . i lost 2 of my 3 last winter and lost the last one which this time i wrapped up this winter .

27 Feb, 2011


This is the definitive answer on dead / dying cordylines that Bamboo wrote a couple of days ago. You are not alone - these plants have suffered all over the country and are on the sick list in gardens everywhere.

"Nothing you can do right now I'm afraid, its definitely a wait and see. First, check the trunks from top to bottom for soggy, oozing or rotting areas, particularly with orange gunk coming out. If the trunks are clear, then wait - you may find they put out new growth lower down the trunks, or from the base, or both, and then you can cut back to where the new growth appears. You may need to wait till June before new growth appears, if you can bear to. If you do have rotting areas, keep any eye on them - you may need to cut back beyond that point, but this is best left till April if at all possible. They are Cordyline australis, these plants, and they have been affected by the severe winter weather before Christmas. "

Good luck!

27 Feb, 2011


Many Thanks for the quick replies they are very helpful, i just have one more question about them. There were many new clusters growing up the trunk, looked very healthy but alas are also dropping off 1 by 1, i was wondering if i plant these clusters in soil in pots, would they start growing ? The clusters of green leaves that fall off, do so in a clump of approx 20-30 all joined together at the base, but the base has fallen off the trunk. The base is brown but all the leaves are green. Think i will leave the main 3 palm trees till June just in case there is any life left, hate the thought of losing them, many thanks again.

4 Mar, 2011

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