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By Sparkly

Cumbria, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I have lots of old roses that have been ignored and got very woody with new buds only at the tops. I need to reduce them in size but can't cut back to a bud as these are all up in the air. Could I just cut right down to the base, give lots of compost and hope for the best?
Have 2 categories both needing action:
1. Old species roses ie moyesii (geranium)
2. Old shrub roses ie Buff Beauty, Penelope.

Tuscany superb also looking very sad, just a few sticks and 2 buds higher up-I wonder if it didn't like being in the middle of a herbaceous border?



i think your going to have to cut right back even if it doesnt work and you have to replace them . i believe you can be quite brutal with roses and am sure someone like bamboo or docbob will know your answer .

26 Feb, 2011


I cut New Dawn back to about 2 foot at my brothers garden as he had neglected it for about 15yrs. That was 2 yrs ago and it did resprout from the older wood. I did take a couple of cuttings just to be on the safe side in case I lost it as it was our mum's favourite [only] rose.

So I'd give it a go.

26 Feb, 2011


I'd give it a go too - nothing worse than lots of bare wood with all the growth at the top.
As for the one in the border, you're right - roses don't like other plants crowded round them, they like to stand alone really, though they tolerate low growing plants okay.

26 Feb, 2011


I have the same problem, I have cut mine back but it just keeps on growing the same way, I dont want to lose it as it produces the most beautiful smelling flowers!

26 Feb, 2011


wow seams like i was right for once lol

26 Feb, 2011


Thank you for all your comments. (not sure if I am doing this properly-I had 4 replies and am not sure if this will thank them all-if so many thanks I will boldly go with the secateurs tomorrow...

27 Feb, 2011


your welcome

27 Feb, 2011


Sparkly, a bit of reassurance - anyone who's answered your question will get a notification that something's been added, and so will see your response.

28 Feb, 2011

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