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I have attempted to grow some plants from seed, I started them off under cover and they have ended up with very tall thin stems with 2 leaves at the top what have I done wrong? How do people end up with bushy plants I am at a loss what to do! I would be glad to hear from anyone who can help.



Light is critical - seedlings become leggy like this without sufficient light, I'm afraid. If you have only 2 leaves and not 4 (the first two leaves aren't true leaves, they're called cotyledons) then move them to a brighter spot, but not in sun, and as they grow and produce more leaves, you will have to pinch them out. Unfortunately, they will always tend to be leggy and weaker because of the poor early start. If you have more seeds, might be better to work out another spot to grow them in and start again.

25 Feb, 2011


thankyou for your advice I did think I had put them in quite a light place, but now I realise its not light enough. I have more seeds as I bought a lot thinking I could save myself some money this year! Will take your advice on board and start again. Thanks once more.

25 Feb, 2011

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