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3 years ago the people next door blockpaved their front garden to make parking for their car. The builder had some removed soil which I took and stored in an empty dustbin in my garage. I now wish to use that 3 year old soil for planting. But it has no invertebrates or fungus (I think) and is effectively 'dead'. Will plants now grow in it or must it be left out for a few years ?



What kind of planting - do you mean you're going to use the soil in containers and grow in it? Or are you intending to mix it to raise soil levels in the garden? And are you sure its topsoil and not subsoil (from a spade's depth below the top)?
If its not subsoil and you want to use it on the ground, just add humus rich, composted materials and fertilisers and mix it in with the soil already present.

25 Feb, 2011

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