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how to take cuttings from gaura



I'll admit that I have never done it myself, but I found this:
From Ecke Ranch's website

•Choose a well-drained aerated propagation media
•Avoid media containing peat moss which will hold too much water
•Choose a blended media with other components or inorganic media such as Oasis® or Rockwool®

Bottom Heat
•Bottom heat will promote healthy root development.
•Maintain bottom heat at 70-75°F/21-24°C.
•Mist will cool the media temperature. Monitor media temperature closely and frequently.

Rooting Hormones
•Pink Fountain roots easily without the use of rooting hormone. However, time to root and uniformity in rooting may be improved with use of a hormone.
•Either liquid or powder formulations work equally well. Choose a product with up to 2500 ppm IBA or up to 500 ppm NAA.

•Average days with mist vary from 6-9 days depending on environmental conditions in the greenhouse.
•Mist cuttings so they remain turgid but avoid over misting that results in saturated media.
•Over misting will result in slow rooting and possible problems with root rot and botrytis.
•Pinch cuttings in week 4 of propagation.

Propagation Cycle: 4 weeks"

Hope this helps, Jazzamazza!

28 Feb, 2011

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