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will a privet hedge ever recover from being cut back by at least half it's width and splits to the roots



I have cut ours back by 2/3rd before and it has always recovered.

17 Feb, 2011


Just remember to keep the top smaller than the bottom, or the bottom will go bare.

17 Feb, 2011


thats where I went wrong [embarrassed smile]

17 Feb, 2011


Slim people have no idea how hard it can be to buy pants!

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17 Feb, 2011


It's hard to find small size jean's to fit these days

17 Feb, 2011


Shows that I didn't think of potential problems the other way....Sorry, Jiffy! : /

I did just realize something more on topic: what did you mean by splits to the roots, Abeslass?

17 Feb, 2011


Cut a privet back as far as you wish. It will rejuvenate quickly and look better then ever. I have done it on an old hedge which the previous owner offered to pull out with a tractor.

19 Feb, 2011


Thank you all for your advice, the division and splits to the roots are being caused by the NFH neighbour who has employed a contractor to rip down most of a mature dividing hedge that has been in since the house was built in 1938 without any consultation whatsoever!! We are seeking advice on the legalities of the action but the damage has already been done.

21 Feb, 2011


If you can, I would make clean cuts below the splits to reduce the chances of disease entering. Privets around here aren't very long lived, and we wind up replacing them every 20 years, anyway. If yours are longer lived, there, the chances are that they will just sprout right back and make a new hedge in a few years. If they are entering a tottering old age, though, sprouting is chancy.

22 Feb, 2011

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