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Hi there,
I am hoping to grow Hamamelis Jenela in a large pot somewhere sunny in summer, then sink it in a feature bed near my house in autumn to enjoy the red leaves and winter flowers.

Does anyone have any experience of growing witch hazel in a pot? Does it work and how large would it get in a ten litre pot of ericaceous compost?

Many thanks in advance,


On plant Hamamelis x intermedia 'Jenela'



Hi Bonniet,

Hamamelis don't require a sunny position in order to grow well, although they do set more flower buds in full sun.

They are ultimately very large shrubs and will certainly outgrow any pot eventually, but they don't grow very quickly, so can be accommodated successfully in a container in the short term.

They don't actually require ericaceous compost either. Also ericaceous compost is pretty low in nutrients and generally performs poorly in pots (the particle size in the compost is so small that waterlogging often occurs, with root rot following....after many early losses I never ever use it in pots these days)

Hamamelis in a pot will do better in a soil-based compost with additional grit/perlite added (for improved drainge) and preferably slow-release food granules too.

Needless to say your plant would need additional watering and feeding in a pot too, and repotting every third year or so.

Finally, although 'Jelena' is a nice cultivar there are a couple of newer varieties which have larger flowers produced in more abundance over a longer period. H. x intermedia 'Aphrodite' is a similar colour but much more impressive than 'Jelena' in my experience - I have a few pics of these on here too.

17 Feb, 2011


i have one in a big pot and it is now about 4ft tall. it lives in a more shady place in the garden and is very little trouble.

17 Feb, 2011

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