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Flowering climber suggestions please I have an east facing fence which gets sun up to about 13

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Flowering climber suggestions please

I have an east facing fence which gets sun up to about 13.30-14.00 and looking to put a flowering climber in - nothing too rampant. I was thinking about a perennial sweet pea.

Would this be a good choice ? or can you suggest something else ? - preferably fragrant and with colour options, maybe a nice peach rose ?

Thanks in advance



Do you mind if we ask for clarity? Is the fence on the east side of your property? If so, then does the side your growing on face west?

17 Feb, 2011


Umm, Jersey, have you read GoY's rules on advertising on the site?

17 Feb, 2011



The side I want to grow on is facing east, so gets early morning & midday sun then develops into shade as the day goes on

17 Feb, 2011


Perennial sweetpea will do okay there - bear in mind, though, that once its in, you'll never be able to move it, the roots seem to go down forever. You could choose a climbing rose, but that will take up much more room - perennial sweetpea really takes up no space at all in comparison. Most hybrid clematis will tolerate that well - Hagley Hybrid, Nelly Moser, Niobe should be fine there.

17 Feb, 2011


I have a lovely Graham Thomas rose, and four The Pilgrim roses in this kind of situation and they all flower really well, so I would say a rose is a good idea. I also grew a viticella clematis until last autumn when I removed it because it was doing 'too' well! And I have a Kerria Japonica, which is not a climber but a lovely upright tall growing shrub. So I would say a viticella clematis for late flowers (July-Sept), a rose for summer and a kerria for spring!

17 Feb, 2011


If it's one of those nasty wooden fences like I have to cover up, I would be a little careful about what you do choose. This is why I tend to use annual climbers.
Ipomea "Heavenly blue" is not too vigourous (in my hands at least).
Tropaeolum peregrinum.......

..... (not too vigorous)
Eccromocarpus scaber....... a light tender perennial vine which will flower all summer and into the autumn. Mine appears to have survived the winter, so maybe not that tender.

Asarina........ a prolific annual climber, with the advantage of setting seed readily, so you need never be without.

Word of warning with regards to perennial sweet peas - if they're happy they can be a real pain!

Hope this helps.

17 Feb, 2011


Yes, if it's an ordinary fence, the perennial sweet pea is going to be far too vigorous in it's upward growth. Nice ideas Meanie.

17 Feb, 2011


When I ripped mine out (it was happy) I was surprised at the weight of it!
I haven't even gone into what I have planned for this year Karen!!
The other good thing about annuals is that you can change them year to year.

17 Feb, 2011


Yes, that's true. I've never been much into them, I think because of the effort involved! Also , I enjoy seeing something spread out and develop, but being on here, you get into all sorts of plants that you never considered before. I do love nasturtiums of all kinds though, and Sweet peas of course!

17 Feb, 2011


Thanks for the replies.

That Asarina looks great so I will look out for them in the seeds section even though Im hopeless at growing from seed :-(

23 Feb, 2011


Paul - send me a pm with an address and I'll send you some. I have thousands! And they're very easy.

23 Feb, 2011

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