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By Liz757

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Dear Gardeners

Short of buying a shotgun, can anyone please offer some suggestions to discourage squirrels from using our lawn as their burying place for nuts. It is presently looking more like a heavily-played golf-course than a lawn and the situation is not helped by the fact that we have a lot of nut bearing trees which overhang our garden, most of which I think end up buried in the lawn by the hell-raisers. Any ideas? Liz 757



Regular applications of bargain-brand chili powder?

15 Feb, 2011


If you find a solution other than an airgun, let me know - I'm sick to death of the mess on my balcony and all the uprooted bulbs, which I'm certain have been replaced with conkers by the blasted things.

15 Feb, 2011


Had to get pest control in as they were in our loft!
Cat's will have a go, or a Jack more luck than judgement if they get one, but it may discourage them.

15 Feb, 2011


In the States, there is a product called Critter Out, which stands a good chance of repelling them. At least I know that it usually works on ground squirrels here in the desert. Whether it--or something similar--is available in the UK or not, is beyond my ken.

16 Feb, 2011


Cats love chasing squirrels and squirrels don't like cats. When our nut tree is producing the visiting garden cats hang about waiting if the squirrel will come. As suggested,a Jack Russell patrolling the garden. A catapult and some saved nuts might give some satisfaction if your aim is good. Or dried peas or beans would make good ammo.

16 Feb, 2011


Why the ammo Dorjac? Check this video out!

16 Feb, 2011

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