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Our Bismarck Palm is about three years old, and was growing very well when we planted it. This year however the new growth is much smaller and confined to the inside of the older frond. We are at a loss as to what to do. We don't want to lose this beautiful tree.

Bob Norton

On plant Bismarckia nobilis



Welcome, Bob!
About where in the USA are you trying to grow it? Here in the low desert, we have had serious frost, and all of ours are showing damage.
And by "this year", do you mean 2010? Everywhere except southern Florida and Hawaii, Bismarck Palms grow only in summer. As with all palms, the new fronds emerge from the center bud, and spend their first month or two surrounded by older fronds.
Also, I have found out that they are fairly hungry plants, especially in containers. It may simply be running out of nitrogen, if you haven't fed it recently.

12 Feb, 2011

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