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Ok, so we have a small back garden - somewhere around 7x7 metres. The garden is on a slope, with the house at the top. There is a deck at the top of the slope which is 2.3x5m, which has steps to the side, and the rest is lawn on thick clay soil.
What we envision is a steeper slope with a rubberised patio at the bottom with my son's trampoline on it.

I'd post a photo but it's a quagmire at the moment, which is the problem. How do we lay rubber pavers on clay? How do we cut into the slope to allow for a flat area at the bottom?
We've just had a baby so we're on as tight a budget as is possible!
Or does anyone have ideas as to other solutions that would allow a flat area for the 6ft diameter trampoline?
We are happy to get rid of the grass and replace with planting.



You need to take care with drainage, to get the trampoline level you may be able to set the legs on one side into the ground, covered with a suitable protection not to damage the metal. Access for a young person would be easier from the top end. You could remove the grass and replace it with artificial grass.

8 Feb, 2011


you could cement in some heavy blocks every 4 feet or so after you do what docbob sais so the trampoline is stable then peg it in place to . im thinking youve got a safty net with your trampoline if not its a better bye far option . then get a ton or so of soft sand to but round the trampoline and over the blo0cks to a depth of about 2-3 " which isnt to expensive . when your nipper grows up you can dig the sand in to help your soil etc .

9 Feb, 2011

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