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Orange goo oozing from cordyline trunk

Wrexham, United Kingdom Gb

Hi hope you can help as I can't find any definite answer on what to do. What should I do with my cordyline? Seems to have been badly hit by recent cold and all the leaves have blown off in the wind. I have noticed around the base there is an orangey white goo oozing from the trunk? Should I cut it down or will it recover? I don't know how old the tree is but it is around 12ft-15ft tall. Thanks

On plant Cordyline australis (Green)

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Dozens of answers in the past week alone, Stuart! Just use the search function with the key words "cordyline", "palm", or "frost damage"

7 Feb, 2011


As its oozing at the base, you will need to cut it down, but I'd be inclined to wait till March before doing it, looking at the picture, unless you've decided to get rid of it anyway. You may find it shoots from below ground and starts to regrow by June or July.

7 Feb, 2011


Hi thanks for the help sorry I did do some searching before posting, I do appreciate its a common question at the moment but I couldn't find anything relating to the orange stuff oozing out of the tree.
The tree was here when we moved in and its not something I would have planted myself but it seems a shame to lose it as its such a big feature. If it does have to come down I think I will replace it with something hardier.
Would you say as its oozing there is definately no way the top would recover now? Is it best to take it down quickly as its fairly close to the house? I wouldn't want it rotting and falling over!
Thanks again for your quick replies and help.

7 Feb, 2011


Well, if you're not particularly attached to it, saw it down now - it might still regrow from the base anyway, but its just more risky to do it now in terms of giving it the best chance of survival.

7 Feb, 2011

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