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vine weevil

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a fuchsia Bolivian red that is currently in the greenhouse and its just starting to grow new leaves I have noticed that they is vine weevil or some other grub in the soil would it damage the plant if I report into new soil to get rid of the weevil or grub also what can I do to the root to make sure that it does not come back this concerns me because I do not want to loose this rare plant



Steve, if you are concerned that there is vine weevil in the compost then the first thing to do is to repot the fuchsia. Take the plant out of the pot and clear all of the compost off it, wash the roots under the tap if necessary. Throw the old compost in the dustbin, not the compost heap. Then repot the fuchsia in fresh compost. Provado have a wine weevil killer that you can use as a soil drench but read the label to check when to do this.
I am not sure how you know that there are vine weevil in the compost at this time of year but if you think that is the case then act straight away.

6 Feb, 2011

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