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I've been growing sweet basil and orange scented thyme in a propagator for about 2 weeks now and there appears to be an orange/white fungus growing on the surface of the soil (the pictures below aren't too clear, sorry!). I thought maybe it's a bit too humid in my room (I live in student halls and have a halogen heater in my bedroom) so I've started opening my window when it gets a bit stuffy and removing the propagator lid after dark. Is there something I'm doing wrong or something I could be doing to prevent this? Thanks :)

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These are getting leggy, they are seeking light. Once plants germinate, you need to get them out of the propagator and try to let them grow as naturally as they can, they only need help in the propagator to germinate, Once they have, get them on a well lit shelf or something, making sure they are frost free of course. The fungus is a sign of infection which will affect the plants, if you do try again , be sure to disinfect the propagator.

3 Feb, 2011


Ok. Thank you!

3 Feb, 2011


If you try again, I think it's a little early for basil, try microwaving the water you use to wet the dirt. It helps to kill a lot of the funguses, at least I've had fewer problems.

4 Feb, 2011

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