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By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

Snowdrops in the Green .

Where can I get these and if anyone would like to get involved with donating snowdrops to our commmunity garden.

We have a vison that this could have carpets of snowdrops our aim is to have a snowdrop walk.



I will cetainly donate some Scotkat. i will be in touch later about them. Mine are not even in flower yet but we do have snow again. I have both single and double snowdrops and can easily spare some for such a wonderful project. One of the other members had grown snowdrops from dry bulbs,with great success.The wonderful thing about them is that they spread easily. If you spoke to your local newspaper about the project and ask everyone in Forfar to donate a few you would soon be able to have a snowdrop walk for all of you to enjoy. Womens Guild, Church members, WRI members, schools and colleges, Business groups like the rotary would probably all get behind you they might even join in the planting if you gave a metre or two for them to dedicate to someone or something special to them. With so many people now being cremated it would be nice for family members to have somewhere to visit in memory of a loved one. Pets are always missed and again might be the focus for such planting. Write to the Sunday Post as they have a wide readership and you might get former residents willing to send a few bulbs. If you ask for bulbs rather than money people will gladly help. Get Beechgrove to put it in their news bulletin. Cambo are probably the nearest snowdrop in the green vendors to you and they have a moonlight snow dropwalk this year. I will be in touch later

3 Feb, 2011


As Scotsgran says, Cambo are the nearest suppliers to you. They sell 'in the green' and also fresh bulbs. Try speaking to the Erskines' and explaining your project to them.

3 Feb, 2011


How about it GOYers, do you have a few snowdrops you could donate to a metre (or 2-3) for a GOY section to Scotkats snowdrop walk. There are thousands of us and if we all send a few bulbs then we will have spread our joy and friendship net a little bit further.

3 Feb, 2011

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