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I`m 71 Iearned my living gardening for the last 20 yrs Self employed.But Anno Domini has caught up with me and can`t remember plants and recognition. I would like to know--Primula/Primrose The different centres --stamen only --and stamen and stigma together.Do you know what I mean? They have seperate names.I will recognise the names when I see them. Can you help please
David Randall



Hi Partridge and welcome to Goy, I'm sure you will have fun with us!

Take a look at

The site clearly explains stigma and stamen

2 Feb, 2011


Hello Partridge, I would not like to begin to try and describe these bits in words here. Try 'copy' then'paste' this site into your web browser to get an illustration of the parts of a primula plant:
Other words you might be looking for are pin and thrum. Pin is where the pistle stands proud of the petals whilst thrum is where the pistle is recessed within the tube of the flower.
Hope this helps.

2 Feb, 2011


Didn't Seaburngirl write a very good blog about this very subject? I'll have a look and see if I can find it.

2 Feb, 2011


Yes, I found it, Partridge. If you type 'Seaburngirl' into the search box (top right) and then click on 'Seaburngirl's plants', it will take you to her home page. Click on 'blogs' and 'archive' and you'll find the blog written on 28th November 2009.

I hope you'll find it interesting. :-)

2 Feb, 2011

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