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By Jp1

County Durham, United Kingdom Gb

I've had my cordyline red star tied up for winter but over the last few days it's started to lean and now the whole middle has came away leaving a white 'lump' in the centre - the leaves around the edge are still attached but are looking poorly - can anyone let me know firstly what this white 'lump' is and secondly if there is any hope for it surviving.




Any chance of pictures, Jp?

15 Jan, 2011


Can anyone offer any help with this from the picture please? I don't know whether to give up on this little plant.

16 Jan, 2011


The whitish lump is the remains of the growing crown--the part too woody to be turned to mush by the frost. The lower part still looks fairly healthy. If you can prevent any further damage, it should re-sprout from the base,as the weather warms this spring. It may wait until fairly late in spring, or even early summer. You can speed this by giving it a light dose of balanced fertilizer in spring.

18 Jan, 2011


Thank you so much - I'll give it some tlc and hope for the best, fingers crossed.

20 Jan, 2011

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