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HOW DOES COMPOSTING WORK....Do I keep adding garden and kitchen material or do I have to fill it and leave it.



There are two (at least) methods of composting, 3574, the 'hot' and the 'cold' methods.
We use the 'cold' method whereby we just add material to the bin as we generate it until the bin is full. In fact, during warm, summer weather the level in the bin can sink faster than we add to it so it can be 'full' several times. When we decide that the bin is actually full we put a layer of soil over the top and leave it until the neighbouring, empty, bin has been similarly filled. This typically takes about a year and the material in the first bin has turned into a nice, usable compost. This could alternatively be termed the lazy mans compost method but it works for us.
The 'hot' method involves making a pile of material alongside the bin and mixing it together well before filling the bin. It is supposed to make a hotter compost that kills weed seeds and produce compost more quickly.
Hope this helps.

10 Jan, 2011


My usual website "Bible" seems to be "down", never mind. Have a look at this one for help

10 Jan, 2011

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