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what kind of soil does skimmia like and what to feed it with



More important than soil tye is aspect. It's better in the shade. However, that's also a clue as to its preferred soil type, which is neutral to acidic. Most shade lovers prefer a soil that is either acidic, or at least regularly top-dressed with an acidic/leaf-mould mulch. Woodland plants will get just that, as the seasonal leaf fall provides a perfect top dressing which is naturally on the acid side of neutral. Worthy

5 Jan, 2011


If you're planting in the ground and not a pot, just give it a top dressing of something like Growmore in April, either raked around the base or turned into the soil. Doesn't like alkaline soil, prefers neutral/acid as Worthy says - if you want it in a pot, use ericaceous compost, and you will need to feed it more often.

5 Jan, 2011

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