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I have a climbing rose that i bought 2 years ago. Its grown well and flowered well in its first year but last year it didnt flower much at all. I have also lost the plant card that came with it so have no idea what rose it is. I havent previously cut it back, as at the time i hadnt been bitten by the gardening bug, so i will now, but can you advise me when is the best time to prune it and by how much? Should i also cut out any crossing stems? And what is the best food to give it? I have included a couple of photos just in case anyone spots anything from them that i should be aware of. - thank you

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the newer whippier stems need tieing in as close to the horizontal as you can. or lower than that, using the downward panels of the trellis, this encourages flowering. remove any dead /crossing stems and tie in the rest. I'll do mine late jan /early feb depending on the weather.

Give the soil a feed too with something like rosemore/growmore granules.

2 Jan, 2011


It also looks like it was pruned back severely last winter/spring, which will often inhibit flowering the following summer. Those look suspiciously like shade loving plants flanking it. If a nearby shade tree or large shrub has grown to give it more than a half-day of shade, that may not be enough direct sun to allow it to bloom.

3 Jan, 2011


Thanks to you both for your advice. It has really helped.

3 Jan, 2011

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