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By Fpc

Victoria, Australia Au

Can anyone out there tell me how to keep the birds off my garden beds. The beds have mulch on them and of course the birds keep digging it out, so making alot of mess, on a daily basis. I have tried putting on aluminimum foil, tied to the Rose trees, I have tried shiny ribbon cris-crossed across the beds but it does not deter them, getting pretty desperate. Can anyone give me some more ideas!!!!.
It would be much appreciated.



The birds are picking off grubs and larvae Elaine, so are doing a good job for you on the whole. I'd just let them get on with it. Dangly bits of plastic & foil aren't an adornment to the scene, I'd just sweep the bits back onto the bed from time to time

12 Dec, 2010


I find that they do eventually stop once the mulch has settled and mixed in slightly.

12 Dec, 2010


I agree it does die down and as already said I sweep it back or rather tend to kick it back. Cannot see the point in having a garden with no birds.

12 Dec, 2010


I dont think they will do long term damage to your plants. They will do more good than harm even if they leave a mess. Take pleasure in watching them and knowing you are giving them a food source during this cold spell.

12 Dec, 2010


I'd rather have a messy garden and lots of birds than the other way around.

12 Dec, 2010


Just enjoy the birds, they are endangered anyway and we need to look after them.

12 Dec, 2010


Australian wildlife in your garden FPC ???- - - - WOW !! get your camera out & send us Goy'ers photo's. I would love to see what visitor's you get !! We're freezing here, we need some sunny photo's to cheer us up ;-))
Best wish's.

13 Dec, 2010


i have seen old cds strung up to put the birds off! ??

13 Dec, 2010


Well we tried that for the likes of pigeons decimating the veg - sort of worked - not!!!

13 Dec, 2010


Hi Everyone.

A big thankyou for your replies, i do understand what you are all saying, but the birds i am talking about, are Blackbirds,and Mina birds. These are not really pretty birds, like the Rosellas, and the Rainbow Lorikeets that fly around over here, they don,t bother coming down to dig over my garden mulch. While i guess i will have to just put up with it. Thankyou all once again.

Regards Elaine.

16 Dec, 2010

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