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my solanum(orange plant) leaves are dried up even though the fruit is fine and soil is moist



I think this is the plant commonly known as Christmas cherry? Orange/red balls, sold this time of year? The dried up leaves mean you missed watering at some point and the plant dried out - the leaves go crispy and may even drop off, leaving behind the fruits still on the stems. Or that you thought you'd watered it enough, but only wet the top of the compost, a little while back now in the last week or two.

11 Dec, 2010


Strange mine has gone the same. Probably not enough watering.

11 Dec, 2010


In my experience, they use up water fast, and are not very forgiving if allowed to wilt.

12 Dec, 2010


I have thought of getting one for Christmas but in the garden centre they were very dry - perhaps this is where the damage is done?

12 Dec, 2010


Quite possibly, Drc - Tesco's ones were the same recently, dry as dust...

12 Dec, 2010's hard to get good help!

15 Dec, 2010


Well, you know what they say, Tug - you pay peanuts, you get monkeys...

15 Dec, 2010



16 Dec, 2010

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