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I wana to travel back to my hometown this month and i would like to carry some seeds and plants through airport , does anyone know if airport x-ray machines can damage either plants or seeds? is it allowed to take!

I am willing to take fruit plants , if you have some, nearby edinburgh, I love to buy them



I don't really know the answer to this - perhaps its best to contact the Airport authority, or the airport you're departing from, for advice.

10 Dec, 2010


Some countries don't allow any kind of plan in or out so Bamboo's advice is the best idea.

10 Dec, 2010


Hi Ibrahim. Firstly, airport scanners do not damage either seeds or plants so you are OK on that.
You are allowed to take seeds and plants out of the UK but I don't know what the regulations regarding taking them into Oman are. I suggest that you contact the customs authority in Oman to check that out.

10 Dec, 2010


I don't know but would suspect you can take seeds but not live plant material which could carry diseases or viruses. Check with your high commissioner in the UK.

10 Dec, 2010


Geat thanx to all of you taking time to answer the ?Q

11 Dec, 2010

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