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I have a small olive tree in a pot, will it be okay to leave outside?



Unfortunately, you haven't told us, or filled in when you joined, where you live - if you're in the south or west, move the pot close to the house, preferably in a south facing position out of cold northerly and easterly winds and it should be fine. If you're up north, it may need more protection than that, as its a small plant.

24 Nov, 2010


My little olive is about 2 foot tall. In a whicker covered pot next to a south wall in a sheltered position under a canopy in the south east. It may go under cover if the frost is persistent over several days. Last winter it was sheltered in a mini plastic greenhouse during the worst of the weather.

26 Nov, 2010


My Olive tree is in a terracotta pot, right up against the house on a south facing wall, although it doesn't get sun in the depths of winter. It survived just fine last year (I'm in Sussex) but just watch out for damage from snowfall. A few years ago we were away at Easter and it snowed at home. The top snapped right off!! But it grew back during the summer! So make sure you knock the snow off. It won't need watering til spring.

26 Nov, 2010


I live in Leicestershire. I always move my potted olive tree somewhere sheltered ie by a fence, under a tree but they are surprisingly hardy. Last year we had a lot of snow and I truly believed that my olive tree was dead this spring. I was about to throw it out but decided to give it a chance and left it for a few more weeks. Lo and behold it gradually sprang back into life growing leaves right along what I thought were dead branches!

28 Nov, 2010

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