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By Damow

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello In There.
Has anyone used 6mm peanut gravel to create garden paths before? A friend has suggested it may attract cats to use it as litter (including our own) What's the consensus on this one people?



In my experience, cats absolutely love it, seems just like cat litter - use larger grade or sharp edged ones.

23 Nov, 2010


6mm gravel is rather small for walking on and the cats will love it! Ours is 10 - 12mm and even that took a while to settle - mind you there is about a foot of it!

23 Nov, 2010


Yes mine is bigger and the cats cannot manage it. Nor does it get washed away like pea gravel which just seems to disappear after time.

23 Nov, 2010


the other option is to concrete your path and when its damp sprinkle gravel in it and have it tamped down . then when its dry add just a fine sprinkle of gravel and it wont be interesting to cats but it will look right . a lot of work maybe but not as hard as it sounds .

24 Nov, 2010


pea gravel gets pushed into the tread on shoes,boots etc and kicked in the garden plus birds swallow little stones for there gizzerds to .

24 Nov, 2010


Once again you all came through. Isn't this a cool site?
Thanks one and all, it's 10mm gravel for me!

25 Nov, 2010


thats great Damow

25 Nov, 2010



26 Nov, 2010

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