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Cordyline Terminalis


By Madpam

yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Will the Cordyline Terminalis grow outside in the U.K?
Does it need to be in the sun or shade?



Hi Madpam, Cordyline terminalis grows all over my garden, you can see it in my pics too. I live in Australia, yes, this species grows all over the world, but I thought only in warmer climates. Do you have it in your garden in the UK?

31 Aug, 2008


Hi Madpam. I just checked in my RHS book and I'm afraid that this plant is not frost hardy. So the answer to your question is No, it can't grow outside in the UK.

31 Aug, 2008


Cordylines can grow outside in the UK. BUT they need to be grown in your sunniest spot. Much depends upon your own location irrespective of county. You have to experiment.

To improve your chances it's best to grow your plant under cover to increase the size of its root stock. Once it gets big enough to distort your bucket plant it out once all threat of frost is over to give it its best chance. Then cover with frost fleece for its first winter.

2 Sep, 2008

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