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I have heard about Russian Comfrey and its many attributes and would like to grow some in my garden.I understand I need the non self seeding variety as it is a sterile plant which means there are no seeds. I have tried to find out where I can obtain a peice to propogate but with no no luck. Can you please advise where I can buy or obtain a peice.
Trevor Clarke



topcat if you type it in google you will find some on there with quiet alot of info. also there is some on ebay under home and garden aswell for about 3.99

3 Nov, 2010


Probably the best place to go is the Garden Organic catalogue where you can get plants of the original Bocking 14 strain
They cost £6:35 for five plants and are available in May.

4 Nov, 2010


If you want a starter root just send me a PM with your address about early March time Topcat. I shall be thinning mine in early spring. Don't know why they charge so much for it because although Bocking 14 doesn't have viable seeds it does spread very easily from the roots. One or two decent roots is all you will need to start a nice little organic fertiliser patch from 2012 onwards. You won't get enough for next year unless you plant about 30 thongs but one or two roots, cut into 3 or 4 pieces will be OK in a couple of years. As Bulbaholic says it is usually shipped commercially in May but I thin a bit earlier than that. Offer open to anybody spotting this of course but if too many ask then it will have to be a S.A.E. job.

4 Nov, 2010

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