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What is the latest that I can plant narcissi, hyacinths, crocus and muscari? Is it getting too late to now? I am still awaiting an online order of bulbs. Will they flower later in the spring than they would otherwise?



id say plant now .
Ideally they should of been planted by beginning of november .But the Hyacynths shouold be ok to plant now ready for christmas , especially if you want to give them as presents.
But there should be a timescale on the packets when to plant the bulbs

3 Nov, 2010


I have some on order from JParkers. 4 weeks ago I ordered but they still haven't come. I hope they will soon. I have emailed them. I am worried they are going to disappoint me. The hyacinths are to go outside.

3 Nov, 2010


I'm sure that if you plant them promptly when they arrive they'll be fine. If you want a few bulbs that you KNOW will be early you could get some Narcissus 'Paperwhite' that are marked "Ready to flower for Christmas". I bought some last year, shoved them in the garden and they were up and flowering within 2 weeks! Crikey!

3 Nov, 2010


Jonathan as long as the ground is frost free when you finally get them, plant a.s.a.p. and they will be fine. You will then be rewarded with an amazing spring display.

3 Nov, 2010


Thank you everybody. That is an encouragement to me to hear.

3 Nov, 2010

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