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how can i get my orchid to produce more stems?

On plant Phalaenopsis



with lots of plants you pinch out the growing tips but im not sure as far as this plant seams to look i dont think you can do that but i mite be wrong . i get the fealing this plant only grows one stem.

4 Nov, 2010


how about buying a few and putting them in a bigger pot if its for effect .

4 Nov, 2010


Do not pinch anything out of your Phalaenopsis. They generally only produce one or two flowering stems. The flowers are long lasting and when the last one on a stem has dropped cut the stem back to the nearest node and it will grow a new stem and flower again. If you have a problem type 'Awkward Orchids' into the search box top right and read Spritzhenry's blog - she is an expert on the plants.

4 Nov, 2010


ow im glad i was right as it was a guess moon grower .

4 Nov, 2010


Generally, new flowering stems grow on Phalaenopsis in the spring, so with careful feeding and good light, you should get more stems each year. If you are talking about offsets, or new pseudobulbs, on those that do pseudobulbs, again you are talking about good care, and time.

6 Nov, 2010

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