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Can I move an established maple tree?

Georgia, United States Us

Can I move an established tree?

I planted this tree in the wrong place in this Summer. It's about 7ft high and very healthy. If possible, what is the best time of the year to attempt to move. What's procedure to follow?

I live in Marietta, GA area.




Welcome, Marietta!
Well, the first concern is that it's an oak tree, rather than a maple, so that might affect your future plans for the tree. That said, there shouldn't be serious problems moving it, since it was just planted this summer. At that size, though, be prepared to dragoon several helpers to carry it, at least. You will need to dig up a root ball around two feet larger than the original--one foot wider in all directions--and haul it intact to it's new home. Just before digging, I would also do some selective pruning to remove 1/4 of the foliage, though that may be unecessary if you can wait until the leaves drop for the winter. After planting it in its new home (no deeper than the original) I would use a good root stimulator during the first watering. Good luck!

3 Nov, 2010


i would move it very early spring just before things start growing again so it can recover from the shock to .

3 Nov, 2010


It depends partly on what part of Georgia Marietta is in, Np. Down to zone 8, it would be able to grow more roots before facing the summer heat with fall transplanting. Zone 7 or colder, frost heave, and dessication while the soil is frozen are of more concern, encouraging spring transplanting.

6 Nov, 2010


oops i didnt realise marietta was in georgia lol sorry

6 Nov, 2010


Easy to miss, Np!

6 Nov, 2010


thanx tugbrethil

6 Nov, 2010

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