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whay do patatos boil in water



Anything in water in a pan with heat beneath will boil.

2 Nov, 2010


Bamboo, I think that guest means when the potatoes go sloppy in the water before actually cooking through, I don't know why it happens, I presume its something to do with the "makeup" of the particular variety of Potato you choose to boil i.e waxy, floury etc

2 Nov, 2010


Is it the amount of water they absorb that cooks them? Or the heat? I'm not sure. I've never gone into the 'whys and wherefores' before.

2 Nov, 2010


Crikey Dido, you must be psychic! Whereas I seem to have completely mislaid my crystal ball... I wondered if Guest wanted to know why is it necessary to boil potatoes - answer, it isn't, mate. And if you're right, dido, then the answer isn't difficult - some varieties are great for boiling, some aren't, they just go to mush. If that's what Guest wants to know, that is.

2 Nov, 2010


Well, sort of given guest the benefit of the doubt Bamboo, couldn't quite understand why anyone would ask such an, lets say, obvious question so, no sorry to say not psychic
but, I think I can predict we've given someone a chuckle!

2 Nov, 2010


Whens the next dinner party, I want to come. :o))))

2 Nov, 2010


Hmm, well my usual policy when dealing with 5 word unclear 'questions' is to answer exactly and precisely what's been asked...

2 Nov, 2010


LOL LL :0))))))

2 Nov, 2010


If Guest grew his potatoes in an area that had the drought and did not water adequately then when they are boiled hey absorb too much water and go to a push no matter what variety they are. A way round this is to steam the potatoes. However, given that the question, as asked, is why potatoes boil in water then Bamboos answer is correct lol

2 Nov, 2010


Aha, MG! That explains the many questions about potatoes going mushy in the pot, this year. Good info to have!

3 Nov, 2010


Yup I've heard about this problem lots... means they are great for potato soup!

4 Nov, 2010

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