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I have been offered some chippings for the garden which are from freshly cut connifer trees. If I use this this to cover my borders will I be damaging the quality of my soil?



I'd use them on paths but not on soil where you want to grow anything.

28 Oct, 2010


Un-rotted clippings will steal nitrogen from the soil which will starve the plants. Best to compost the stuff for at least 6 months, preferably a year.

28 Oct, 2010


I think wood from conifers contains substances that inhibit growth of other plants. I don't know if they'd persist in the compost or whether they would be broken down in the decomposition process.

28 Oct, 2010


Fresh conifer chippings are great for paths because they stop the weeds. I would not use them on growing beds though.

28 Oct, 2010


I agree paths not borders, too much risk of killing your plants.

28 Oct, 2010


I us them on the paths, then when the paths need a top up, some of the old (and by now rotted) chips get thrown onto the borders. No problem about toxins in them when rotted. Phil

28 Oct, 2010

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