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I have a Polygala Bush That has turned Light cream in colour despite 2 others either side remaining green! someone has suggested it is dead but this happened 8 weeks ago.
I live in Mallorca in the Meditteranean climate near to the coast.
The Bush still bears lilac flowers it seems healthy and its branches are not brittle nor are they shedding any more than the other 2 which are still green!
I would love to hear what you think can have happened to this gorgeous bush!

On plant Polygala



I'm guessing that this is Polygala myrtifolia then?

Not too familiar with this plant apart from the fact that what I have read about it suggests its great adaptability to various conditions as long as free drained. Perhaps a liquid feed may help it? You could take a few tip cutting right now from the other plants and its probably worth looking around for any seedlings nearby.

20 Oct, 2010

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