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By Robanne

County Down, United Kingdom Gb

Could someone please name this shrub/small tree for us?

Img_4305 Img_4307



Looks like a conifer, podocarpus type, posssibly P. macrophyllus. Bluespruce might assist here. Going to have my tea first. If no one's added anything in an hour's time, I'll have another look. Phil J

16 Oct, 2010


Nah, a rethink. Have a look for Podocarpus salignus. Phil J

16 Oct, 2010


Philjefs, Thank you for your expert identification. All the images of Podocarpus salignus I have now seen confirm this. A local garden centre gave it to us when they were closing down and they couldn't remember its name. We originally sited it for a year or so under a laurel tree in a front border and it just remained static. We moved it over a year ago and it has thrived with a better rain supply.

17 Oct, 2010


It is indeed Podocarpus salignus. We have one in the garden here. P. macrophyllus has (as it's name suggests) significantly larger leaves and is rarely seen in the UK.

This is a very beautiful, if rather tender tree native to Chile that grows rather slowly but can eventually reach large proportions.

As you say, it does benefit from lots of water through the growing season, perhaps not surprising since it's native habitat is temperate rainforest.

18 Oct, 2010

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