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where did the leaf mining come from and when



Sorry - this question doesn't really make sense. Could you please rephrase it and post it again.

11 Oct, 2010


Perhaps they mean leaf miners, Spritz?

12 Oct, 2010


I 'did' think of that, but I also think that Guest should make it clear what he/she would like to ask us. It gets very hard to read a question and have to guess what we're being asked.

12 Oct, 2010


I know. It gets old fast. I think the ghost of my old English teacher is wandering the web, brandishing a yardstick! : D

12 Oct, 2010


LOL. I was a teacher, and I often feel like getting my red pen out to correct grammar and spelling, Tug! ;-))))

12 Oct, 2010

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