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I'm relatively new to gardening but have been living and breathing it for the last 8 months, much to the annoyance of my husband and our bank balance!. I have purchased lots of spring bulbs and followed the guidelines for planting. However the anemone hollandia which is not meant to flower until april, has already started to shoot up and is now a good 3 inches above soil level and has maybe 3/4 sets of leaves. Is this normal?




Hello not sure about this one but some bulbs eg muscari send lots of leaves up this time of the year and always flower in march or april, possibly as it gets colder it may slow down a little and flower at the correct time, dont worry to much if it flowers a little early, over the years they should start to flower at the right time depending on how the weather is, hope this helps, julien

10 Oct, 2010


Normal, it's a tough little thing. It'll bend over in the frost, and stand up again when it thaws. Phil J

10 Oct, 2010


Hi Julien and Philjeffs.

Thank you to you both for your comments.

I'll stop worrying and let nature get on with it.


10 Oct, 2010


Hi Tilly, I've got lots of anemones that I planted last year putting up leaves now too. Thanks for asking - I was wondering if they would be OK, not that I was going to do anything about it!

11 Oct, 2010


thanks for your advice Julien

13 Oct, 2010

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