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What Type Of Fungus ?

I have several seed feeders hanging from a Rowan tree and i've noticed a type of growth underneath it - i'm wondering if the fallen seeds are causing it.

It looks just like a long haired black cat has shed a lot of its fur on the grass there.
The patch is about 3' by 6" and is about 3' away from the tree, sitting ontop of the grass.
I noticed, today, a small patch forming at the base of the trunk - it's about 3" long.

Do you think this is dangerous - to birds or other wildlife (or domestic animals, for that matter) ?
I'd be grateful for any information if anyone's had the same thing happen.



I often find this in the garden, I never did identify it Louise. I dont think it is anything to worry about. I suspect it is one of the pin mould groups.

9 Oct, 2010


Oh, thanks Sbg, do you leave it alone then or get rid of it somehow - it doesn't look very nice :-/
It's not caused by the feeders debris then ?

10 Oct, 2010


I think that the feeder debris could be responsible, Louise, but, as Sbg says, nothing to worry about too much. Wildlife and domestic animals will leave it alone so it will not affect them. It probably won't stay for too long but if it looks unsightly then you could try removing it with a trowel and putting it in the bin.

10 Oct, 2010


Thanks B :-)

10 Oct, 2010


agree BA. I tend to hoe it in.

10 Oct, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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