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i recently bought some lily plants and one of them has sprouted some kind of little black bud between the leaf and stem of the plant the little bud has also sprouted what looks like some kind of root could some one please confirm what the little black buds are from the photos the lilys are Asiatic golden jubilee that i bought from b&q

On plant asiatic lily

Lily3 Lily4



They look like aerial bulbs to me. Pot them up and they should develop to flowering size over a couple of years.

8 Oct, 2010


thanks for the quick answer i am new to lily plants and did not know that the plants could do that

8 Oct, 2010


They are bulbils or, as Meanie calls them, aerial bulbs. Growing them on will give flowering bulbs about a year quicker than growing from seed.

8 Oct, 2010


How long roughly would that be Bulbaholic?
A couple of my orchids are developing kiekis, but I've never seen these bulbils in the flesh before!

8 Oct, 2010


I would say that they could be producing decent sized bulbs in two or three years, Meanie. It depends on the species and variety - and growing conditions etc, etc.

8 Oct, 2010

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