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Can anyone identify this plant for me? I need to know if it is poisonous.

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Welcome toGoy Valcomeens. I think it is a Schefflera arboricola. In UK we would keep it in a shady place indoors and it can go outside in the summer.

13 Sep, 2010


Most of the Araliacea are mildly toxic (upset stomach if eaten).

13 Sep, 2010


Welcome, Valcomeens!
Both Scotsgran and Fractal have got it, and I found this:

13 Sep, 2010


Welcome from me too Valcomeens. Yes, I'll go with what Scotsgran, Fractal and Tugbrethil say. Lol. No, seriously, I agree with them. I do believe this is the plant nicknamed 'The Umbrella Plant' :o))

13 Sep, 2010

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