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By Louise1

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Is This Hydrangea Reverting ?

This is Hydrangea 'Gold Rush' and my question is, would 'you' remove the leaves that are 'all yellow' ?
Or would you let them grow alongside the variegated ones ..... it 'should be' variegated and i'm worried that it might turn all yellow.
I'd be grateful for some input here :-)




That yellow shoot looks in some ways a bit more vigorous so I would remove it and take a cutting of it too. Could be a good form in shade!

11 Sep, 2010


I'm sure I read on here that, any variagated plant , should have the non variagated leaves removed, as these will take over and therefore the plant will become non variagated. Try saying that lot with your mouth full. LOL.

11 Sep, 2010


Thank you both.
There are two, you can just see the other in the lower left front, of the shot.
I'll remove them and do as you suggested Fractal :-)

11 Sep, 2010


In my book "non-variegated" means "all green". I would regard the yellow leaves as "super-variegated" and leave them. Fractal's comment suggesting you take a cutting and see if it will grow an all golden leaved bush is interesting. That's where all new varieties come from! :-)

11 Sep, 2010


They're off now :-/
They were new stems coming from the centre of the plant, from underground.
There were the 4 stems - 2 of them all yellow, 2 of them 'normal'
..... have to say ....... :-(
..... the plant looks a bit queer now :-/
The 'bowl' effect of stems, is now more of a two stemmed sprig :-(((
Any more ideas Fractal ?
It doesn't look too attractive :-(

11 Sep, 2010


well you cant stick them back :o)
but they were more vigourous and would have taken over the two-tone leaves.

11 Sep, 2010


It will soon make up next year so don't worry about it!

11 Sep, 2010


Sometimes cuttings with that little chlorophyll refuse to grow no matter what you do. Since they were coming from underground the "break" happened on the root crown anyway, so there will be more next year.

11 Sep, 2010


How can i prevent them from taking over then ?
Have i got a duff plant .... am i going to be forever cutting it back ?

12 Sep, 2010


No, but you will probably need to pull out the all-yellow shoots as soon as you see them. Eventually that will reduce their numbers, or stop them entirely.

13 Sep, 2010


I saw some of these at a nursery on Sunday and theirs too have this going on so it's clearly something common to them :-/

14 Sep, 2010


Pretty common on all variegated plants, Louise. My variegated Bougainvillea is producing all-yellow shoots, too--I just leave them on, because they make the plant brighter, and they aren't likely to take over.

14 Sep, 2010

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