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Name a bush plant to grow in full sun facing north



Sorry Guest if the area is in full sun it is not facing north!

9 Sep, 2010


This does sound a little odd. I suppose it could be a fully exposed site. Full sun but good drainage? If so, almost any of the hebes, Mediterranean shrubs like cistus, then also lavender, rosemary, salvia officinalis in its various forms, pittosporum, teucrium fruticans, most conifers, buxus semp. 'Latifolia Maculata', and straight sempervirens, bay, - and the list goes on and on. Phil J

9 Sep, 2010


Does this sound like an exam question???

9 Sep, 2010


Yes it does

10 Sep, 2010


Sounds like an instruction, but not an exam question, surely - no exam would call a plant "a bush plant", it'd say shrub or perennial, etc. Northfacing would be in full sun during high summer, but in shade the rest of the year, unless its completely out in the open.

10 Sep, 2010

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