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arum lilies - I have a fabulous arum lily -brought over from ireland when i last visited my deceased grandparents garden, does anyone know how I take a root cutting - what to do etc., as I dont want to harm my lovely plant



I would wait until early spring, and dig up the plant, and gently divide the tuber-like rhizomes. Let them dry out for a few days, and then repot or replant.

9 Sep, 2010


Hang on, Tug - there's only one Zantedeschia that's reliably hardy in the UK, which is Z. aethiopica 'Crowborough'.

If your Arum isn't that one, Joanie, it will need to be taken into a frost-free place for the winter. Do please check which one it is - I know you'd be upset to lose it. It has large white flowers, if that's any help.

9 Sep, 2010


Arrgghh! There I go assuming again! I just assumed that that was the one she had, and that it was in the ground. Sorry Joanie! I'll keep on trying.

10 Sep, 2010



10 Sep, 2010

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