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My cottage garden is small but I would like to grow some raspberries, approximately 3-4. How much space would I need to allow for each one, do they have to be in a group or could they be grown singly. Which type would you recommend?



I don't see why not. Just a patch about 2 and half foot square to 3 feet. Enriched with compost and bone meal. Choose your variety for time of year to crop. Cut out the old fruited canes and tie in the new and enrich the soil again. Support the canes. Our canes, when we grew them, were planted close, and half the street came to pick them!

5 Sep, 2010


I 'think' our canes are 18" apart but you could plant them closer than that.

5 Sep, 2010


I planted two canes in a large pot this year, no fruit yet, but they say they fruit on 2nd year growth, so I'll have to be patient!

6 Sep, 2010


The canes that grew this year will fruit next year Donnaj. You need to cut out the old, last year's, canes now. I'm not sure how well raspberries will do in a pot as they need a large area for their roots - make sure it is the biggest pot you can lay your hands on and be prepared for a lot of watering in summer.

6 Sep, 2010

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