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I have just purchased a Sorbaria Sorbifolia 'Sem'. Before I plant it I was wondering if someone could kindly confirm the eventual height and width of the shrub. And if it does grow larger than I had hoped can it be pruned to keep it to a manageable size

On plant Sorbaria Sorbifolia 'Sem'



Somewhere between 1 and 1.5 metres high and wide - suckers freely, so watch for those - this is said to be a "thicket forming" shrub, meaning it spreads via the suckers.

3 Sep, 2010


Compact shrub, eventual height - 1 metre. Suckers from the base. Happy as a border plant, alone or in groups or even a container.

3 Sep, 2010


Snap, Bamboo!

3 Sep, 2010


Thank you ladies. Some of the pics I have seen make it look really huge, but that sounds perfect for me. So I don't need to prune it then?

I will surround it with something to help prevent the suckers, I will probably cut the bottom off a large garden pot and push that into the ground

3 Sep, 2010


I had this plant and it's a great little shrub grown for it's lovely coloured foliage.
One thing i discovered living in quite a windy position (not a cold wind), is that it ruined the leaves .... being quite fine they got badly windburnt.
If you too live in a windy position maybe give it some shelter.

4 Sep, 2010


thanks for the tip Louise. Luckily where I intended to plant it is a relatively sunny spot but very close to the house and surrounded by taller shrubs so that should help protect it from most winds

12 Sep, 2010

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