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By Pamsco

Midlothian, Scotland Sco

What are the black patches developing on my apples?

It appears to be developing on the lower branches?

The apples aren't ready yet, none have fallen.




it looks like it may be a form of scab. if it is the flesh underneath will be fine.
They may be ripe and you can pick them before they fall. take hold of an apple lift it slightly and twist. if it comes off in your hand it is ripe. that way you wont get bruised apples. :o)

2 Sep, 2010


I've tried the larger ones daily but they aren't budging yet :-)

I thought it maybe something like scab.

2 Sep, 2010


mine have a little bit on some of the apples. I just peel it off or eat it. it wont hurt us.

2 Sep, 2010


Thanks.They'll go into the crumbles then :-)

2 Sep, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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