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Having removed some large leylandii, I want to grow some Heuchera in the same place. Is there anything I need to do to the soil before planting?



Assuming the roots have gone. Give a good dig over. Well rotted manure if any. Or empty a mature compost bunker if you have one handy. Let it rest while you gather your collection, if not already ammassed and plan how to arrange them. Then follow the planting instructions for the Heuchera.

2 Sep, 2010


Lots of good compost, Maybe also some blood meal, bone meal, and seaweed. I'd put on some Epsom salts, too. Lime might be necessary in your area, too. They impoverish the soil badly.

2 Sep, 2010


Snap, Dorjac!

2 Sep, 2010


Many thanks for your swift answer

2 Sep, 2010


Bear in mind they won't grow as tall, so be prepared for the neighours peering over your hechera hedge! Okay, I was being silly! Phil J

2 Sep, 2010

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