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how to get rid of bind weed thank you



dig out as much of the white 'roots' as you can and burn or put in the rubbish bin. this will take a long time as the underground bits go on for ages.
the other way is to spray the leaves with a weedkiller like 'roundup'. but avoid it getting onto the pther plants. I have used a sponge and wiped the weedkiller on that way. I find applying it fro mid sept onwards is the most effective as it gets taken down into the underground bits and then it kills it.

either way there is no quick fix to this. I managed to clear a large area after 4 yrs of both methods.

welocme to GoY too.

29 Aug, 2010


As above. Multiple applications of roundup are required ( at least two perhaps more).

If you can clear the ground of all other shrubs first then I would suggest the following. week 1 spray with round up. Wait a week then remove all top growth. Wait for new growth to appear( It will in a week to 10 days !) and then spray again . repeat this until no new growth occurs and then you can plant new shrubs/plants.

Using the above method there is no need to remove the white stems as the round up will kill them although removing the white roots will speed the process. As Seaburngirl said if you can't remove all shrubs use a sponge on the weed but keep it off anything green you want to keep.

I have cleared large areas of infested ground with great success using this method. If don't want to use roundup you will have to dig every single piece of root out and it will take years and most people lose the will to live before the bind weed does ! :^)!

29 Aug, 2010


thank you very helpfull shall tell my son who has an allotment with them in . thanks again

29 Aug, 2010


Cut the bottom off a plastic drinks bottle put as much of the bind weed in as you can. Spray roundup through the neck of the bottle. Stabilise the bottle with a short cane with a protector. Repeat as needed.

30 Aug, 2010


now this sounds good shall give every one a try and will let growson you know which is the best one so thanks every body.

30 Aug, 2010

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