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what is the normal size decking for a table and chairs



If you mean how much space do you need on paving or decking to allow for a table and 4 chairs, assuming your table can seat between 4 and 6 people, you will need a minimum of 8 square feet, preferably 10 or even12 square feet if its a large table - you have to allow for people to pull their chairs out.

26 Aug, 2010


Can I clarify Bamboo? When you write 10 square feet do you mean a square 10 feet by 10 feet? That equals 100 square feet.
10 square feet is a rectangle 2 feet by 5 feet.

So as a minimum you need a square which is 8 feet on each side = 64 square feet.

26 Aug, 2010


Oh gawd, maths not my strong point - what I'm trying to say, obviously not very well (!) is a minimum area of 8 feet x 8 feet, to make a square 8 feet long each side. Or ten feet long all four sides. How that works out mathematically is beyond me! I hope that's clear enough for guest to understand.

26 Aug, 2010

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